Support - Frequently Asked Questions

Q: The words in the book looks blurry or fuzzy. Is there a way to clear this up?
  I choose the font Times New Roman for printing purposes. If the font looks too blurry on screen you can adjust Adobe Reader’s Viewing Preferences by going to the tool bar. Edit/Preferences/Page Display. If you use an LCD screen, make sure “Use Cooltype” (Recommended for Laptops/LCD Screens) is checked. You can also check “Smooth text”, “Smooth line art”, “Smooth images”.
Another suggestion is to adjust your Windows Cleartype. You can go through the steps at the Microsoft web site:

Q: The pages in the .pdf seem to load really slow. Is there a way to speed up the pages loading?
The pages were scanned in, in 300 dpi so that you could get a nice printout if you so choose to print out the manual. So the pages are large. Try closing all open and running background programs. You can also try copying them to your hard drive, by dragging and dropping.

Q: My PDF manuals are not opening properly. What should I do?
Please let us know by contacting us and we can make arrangements to send you a replacement CD.

Q: My computer won’t read the manuals. What should I do?
You need the Free Adobe Reader (or a compatible PDF Reader) to view the manuals on the CD.

Q: Do printed manuals come with the CD?
No, there are no printed manuals. The ebooks on the CD are scanned in high quality. So if you choose to print them yourself or have them printed you should get a good quality print out.  You can also check out online print on demand services, like Kinko’s. (We have never used Kinko’s or an online print on demand service so we are unable to recommend one at this time.)

Q: Can I download the Manuals?
: No. We apologize for the inconvenience. The 2 Diagnostic Manuals on CD are very large and even with a high speed internet connection it would take several hours.

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